The "The Green Project" is a recycling project created to help the community of Kabacan to recycle for future generations to come.


The Green Project envision as one of the biggest environmental group that can be a catalyst for change in the environment


The Green Project is committed to provide everything it can to support different Local Government Unit in turning our locality into a greener and safer one.


The Green Project goal is to see our Environment in to a greener one.

Join us!

Project Overview, Objectives, and Strategies

The Main Objective of our Project is to create recycling bins for the chosen streets of Kabacan. The main goal of this project is to promote the simple action that we can easily do in helping in our environment and that is to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. To influence the young minds of the people especially children, to do what is the basic thing in helping our environment by simply putting a little effort, we believe that even it is just a simple effort, but if we can do it together then all of us can be a catalyst for change, simply by posting social awareness through different social media sites, and putting up some posters on the street on the 3rs awareness, and building up trash bins in the municipality with the coordination of Department of Environment and Natural Resources, NDRRMC, and the Local Government Unit of Kabacan.

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